Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Light series 4 part A

Incandescent: Residential seating area

Purpose of space: seating area

Purpose of lighting: overhead-ambient lighting, table lamp-task lighting

Luminaire: overhead-small chandelier fixture with five small incandescent bulbs, table lamp-standard lamp with incandescent bulb

Effect of light source: overhead-bright, easy to see everything

Table lamp- softer ambient light, better for social environment, reading.

Colors: overhead-everything is brightly illuminated, colors are bright and clear.

Table lamp-colors more less saturated and tinted with yellow.

Appropriateness: overhead-good when searching for something or cleaning, can be overwhelming in a social environment and too bright for reading or socializing

Table lamp- more difficult to find things in the bookshelves, more relaxing for reading or socializing

Improvements: I believe for the purpose of the space and depending on what the space is being used for, either light is appropriate. The table lamp seems to be preferred over the overhead light since this room is used less frequently than others. The main function of this room is relaxation and socializing, and for that purpose the table lamp is appropriate. I also believe every room should have sufficient lighting when looking for an object or a movie, such as on the bookshelf, and for this reason the overhead light is practical. I think overall the space has a nice lighting quality with the table lamp, and a little more unpleasant quality with the overhead light.

seating area with table lamp in use

seating area with overhead in use

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