Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LED competition

For our LED light application, Kuniko and I have designed a commercial fixture that will be used for general illumination in the space. We wanted to design this type of fixture since LEDs are not widely used for general illumination. We believe if a fixture of this manner can be developed and used commonly, it will provide an easy solution for sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as increasing flexibility and improving aesthetic quality of such fixtures.

Our fixture is a direct/indirect ceiling-hung fixture that would be used throughout the space above work surfaces. We have used a curved surface to direct light downward with three LED tube lamps inset into the surface. In the center, we placed a strip of reflective material for the light to shine on and reflect back onto the reflective surface in the curve and back into the space. On the top on the fixture are two pairs of LED strips embedded into the curved surface to illuminate the ceiling for indirect lighting. The fixture is suspended by two rods on each end, one of which the wiring would be run through.

We foresee this light fixture being used for a number of commercial applications, including offices, classrooms, conference rooms etc. Since LEDs are not the brightest light source, we don’t imagination this fixture would be very effective in large warehouse-type spaces. It could also be used for residential applications, in kitchens, garages, bathrooms, etc.


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