Saturday, March 15, 2008

light series 3

[grocery store]

light source: fluorescent, track lights
appearance of colors:
red: very dark, hint of violet

blue: dark shade
yellow: hint of orange
green: hint of yellow

[retail store]

light source: fluorescent
appearance of colors:
red: hint of violet

blue: bright
yellow: bright
green: bright, hint of yellow


light source: incandescent
appearance of colors:
red: brownish tint
violet tint
yellow: tinted with white
very yellowish

light source: fluorescent
appearance of colors:
red: very dark
dark, hint of violet
yellow: hint of orange
very yellowish, less contrast from yellow

[coffee shop]
light source: incandescent
appearance of colors:

red: hint of violet
blue: very violet tint
yellow: saturated color, orange tint

green: very yellowish, texture is very defined


light source: sun
appearance of colors:

red: deep red, violet tint
blue: bright, tint of white
very whitish
green tint of white and blue

light series 2

[a] stone building lobby

luminaires: pendant fixtures along left hallway, uplighting along right hallway
location: pendants are located in the center of the ceiling, uplights are located along both walls near the ceiling

brightness/glare: for the right hallway, there is heavy brightness above the lights, brightly illuminating the ceiling right above the light fixture. for the left hallway, the lights are somewhat dim and the only glare appears on the floor below the fixtures.

patterns of light: for the right side, there are bright spots just above the lights. the hallway is sufficiently illuminated on this side. for the left side, there are also circles of light above the fixture, but aren’t as intense as the right side. this side is not sufficiently illuminated.

shade and shadow: on each side of the hallway, there is noticeable shade in between the light fixtures. the shade is more apparent on the left side where the light is less intense. also on the left side is shade at the floor and the lower half of the walls. on the right side, there is less shade because the lights are more intense. shade occurs directly under the lighting fixtures and near the floor.

summary of illumination: for the left side, the hallway is dimly lit and has areas of shade where the space is most used. for the right side, the space is well lit, but gives off a negative impression with such brightness.
problems with glare: the glare on the floor on the left wing is not as much of a problem as the brightness directly above the fixtures on the right wing.
effectiveness of light/shade patterns: I think neither of the spaces have very effective lighting. the left side is too dim and the left side is sufficiently lit, but has an unpleasant energy.
suggestions for improvement: the left side needs to be brighter, possibly installing cove lighting with the lamps overlapping so that shade in between fixtures doesn’t occur. the actually fixtures on the right side are attractive and makes the space feel like a hospital. the fixtures could be changed to cove lighting to increase attractiveness and reduce the negativity of the space associated with the intense brightness on the ceiling.

pendant light fixture in left hallway

uplight fixture in right hallway

[b] art museum

luminaires: adjustable track lighting
location: on ceiling, in center and near walls

brightness: no negative brightness in the space
glare: on protective glass covering artwork

patterns of light: light is concentrated on artwork and also serves purpose of general illumination
shade and shadow: shade on ceiling and upper half of walls and near floor, shadow under some artwork

summary of illumination: the track lights highlight the artwork but also provide soft ambient lighting throughout the space
problems with glare: the only source of glare I observed was from the light reflecting off the glass covering some artwork
effectiveness of light/shade patterns: I believe the light is effective for this type of space. there are not boldly defined shades in between light fixtures; the lights fuse together to create a uniformly lit display wall.
suggestions for improvement: the only suggestion for improvement is maybe for the actual fixtures to be more attractive or maybe hidden. as far as the light goes, I believe it is successful for this application.

[c] restaurant

luminaires: recessed can lights, track lights for art work, wall sconces
location: groups of three track lights along walls, recessed placed throughout the space, sconces on two walls

brightness: track lights weren’t positioned properly and shined directly into customers’ eyes
glare: not much glare except on floor

patterns of light: very bright light from track lights on artwork
shade and shadow: very dark shadows in corners, shade along floor and ceiling line

summary of illumination: overall somewhat dim lighting for more intimate atmosphere with very bright spots on walls
problems with glare: some glare on floor, but doesn’t cause serious problems
effectiveness of light/shade patterns: the light is effective for a restaurant setting. the shade in the corners and along the ceiling line seems heavy
suggestions for improvement: reposition, reduce number of track lights, choose lower wattage bulbs/fixtures for tracks

[d] retail store

luminaires: recessed rectangular fixtures w/ fluorescent bulbs
location: rows of two and three centered

brightness: no source of overwhelming brightness
glare: no source of glare

patterns of light: light is distributed fairly evenly throughout the space
shade and shadow: areas of shade around the ceiling line and near floor

summary of illumination: the space is well-lit and has no instances of glare or brightness
problems with glare: no glare problems in the space
effectiveness of light/shade patterns: the lighting in efficient for the usage of the space; the merchandise can be easily seen in the provided lighting
suggestions for improvement: the lighting is efficient but the overall design of the space and the design of the lighting fixtures isn’t very appealing; some color on the walls and more attractive fixtures might make the space more interesting and aesthetically appealing

Thursday, March 13, 2008

light sketch series 1

Gatewood Stairwell (2nd floor)

Light changes throughout the day

-In the morning (around 9am), the light is very soft and diffused and doesn’t cast any crisp shadows or light in the space.

-In the afternoon (between 12 and 2pm), light comes in the window and through the spaces in between the railing, creating spaces of light and shadow. The light from the window is cast on the floor and the wall during this time.

-In the late afternoon (around 5pm), light is cast far into the space spreading into the hallway of the building.

10:00 AM

2:00 PM

3:00 PM

5:00 PM

Light changes throughout the seasons

-As the season changes from winter to spring, the light reaches further into the space. A picture taken at 2pm in January and one taken at 2pm in March show this difference in how light changes through the seasons.

Feb 18

Feb 25

Mar 3

Activities, Textures, Light and Shadow

-The space is used mostly for passage from one floor to the next. Occasionally, someone will take a phone call into the space and look out the window while on the phone. Also, some students sit on the stairs or landing and draw what they see, perhaps for a class.

-The texture in the space consists mostly of a smooth, unpolished concrete on the wall, floor, and treads of the stairs. Also in the space is painted metal of the railing and stair risers.

-The space has a monochromatic color scheme of dark and light grays with a hint of red from the sprinkler system fixtures.

-The play of light and shadow on the floor and wall from the railing creates an interesting visual aspect in a somewhat uninteresting space. The large window allows for much natural light to come into the space and makes in seem like a very open space. In the late afternoon, when the sunlight creeps into the hallway on the floor, it seems to draw you into the stairwell from the hall, or lead you out into the hall from the stair well.

-The space has a very different feel on a cloudy or raining day when the daylight is diffused.

Overcast 2:30 PM